27 January 2009

You Watch That?

Everyone has some television show they watch that makes others say, "You watch that?" Ok, at least I think they do. I have two shows that makes my wife ask me that (she has shows that make me ask her that too).
I began to think about these shows and why I watch them. It finally hit me reading a great post from Danielle LaPorte over at White Hot Truth. She asks "are you willing to be toast?: authentic transformation"
The two shows in question are 'Clean House' and 'The Biggest Loser'. "You watch that?" you ask. Well yes, and now I know why. Each of these shows are about people transforming their lives, either breaking away from addiction to clutter or addiction to food. And in the process have transformed themselves to become the person they have aspired to be, but never could seem to get there. Sometimes, they did not aspire to be that way, but were unhappy with their lives and could not figure out why.
Each show has lots of tears as the walls that held these people back are broken down and new strengths emerges. That is why I watch. I see the transformations and it reaffirms to me that change is good, examples of what I do not want to be and the happiness that a transformation can bring to someone. The people on these shows need help; help to finally lose the weight or get out from under the weight of clutter.
I will continue to look at myself and see what is holding me back and work on my own transformations.

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