01 September 2009

Overwhelmed is not a good feeling

Have you ever had a feeling that you were just overwhelmed? You know that feeling like your list of things to get done is long and growing and the time to get things down is short and shrinking? It's not a good feeling. I'm in the middle of this at the moment.

I'm that person looking a bit haggard, juggling a dozen things, constantly looking at my task list and calendar. This has got to stop, but how? I've got stuff to do?

An former boss used an old phrase, "Too busy chopping wood to sharpen the axe." Yes, that would be my current situation. I want to step back review the processes to make them better, more efficient so that I can avoid this situation. But how can I do that when I have all this stuff to do?

Rock and hard place. Catch-22. Insanity.

I just need to look at my list and determine what is least important, what can be put off and make the time. Easier said than done, but needs to be done or I won't have any axe left and all I have is bludgeoned wood.

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