17 March 2010

Coming out the other side

In the book Zen And the Art of Happiness, Chris Prentiss asks you to imagine that God appeared before you and said: “I promise you that everything that happens to you from this moment forward will be of the greatest benefit to you and will bring you the utmost fortune. Even though what happens will sometimes appear unfortunate or hurtful, in the end your life will be wonderfully blessed and hugely benefited by whatever happens.”

Well my life has taken a complete left turn over the last four months. Well, it's actually taken a left turn, detour and run over several potholes. I've learned a lot about myself through these few months. I've learned that you can't take anything for granted; that trust, once broken, can only be restored if the person has to want it back; and that you can find a positive in almost any situation.

I've had to do a lot of soul searching, trying to find new or re-newed meanings in my life. I'm learning to overcome pain and look out the other side to see the green meadows. This has provided me a wealth of blogging material for Strive On With Diligence, which I will be posting for months to come.

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