11 April 2010

A Call for Honesty

I am so tired of fabricating stories, libel, perjury and all the other hundreds of way to describe lying. Lets just call it what it is - lying. The opposite of truth. That all important character trait that my grandmother tried to instill in me as a child.

I am making a call for honesty. Try it, you may find that it's a whole lot easier than you thought. My grandmother was a very wise woman. She would tell me "You need to tell the truth because you can never remember the lies. And then you will just create more lies." When you lie, you create a false reality; one that that never happened. Then when reality does conflict with this false reality there are two options (1) admit it and say "I lied" or (2) create another lie to cover the first.

Now both are bad, but the second is so much more destructive and dangerous. This is because the liar has now begun to bury him or herself deeper in to lie and it becomes harder and harder say "I lied" and pull themselves out. The further they go, the more likely they are to hurt other people to maintain this string of lies. It's also dangerous because the liar had now begun to build up an alternate reality and their grasp on the real reality becomes skewed.

I have seen this first hand and it is not pleasant. I have seen friends get pulled into lies and when they later find out they were lied to and used to perpetrate the lie, they end up hurt and angry.

So this is a call to just end lying. Telling the truth may hurt at first, but it's nothing compared to the pain you or others will feel when you lie. So do the right thing first.

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