16 June 2009

Always look on the bright side of life

I'm naturally a positive person who takes things in stride. I don't look at the situation with a negative view and dwell on the worst case scenario. I'm not going into details, but lately I've had to fight against internal issues because someone close is doing just this very thing and I can't really voice my opinion about it.

My belief is that if you look for the bad, the worst case or the negative aspects of a situation, then you are setting yourself up for ulcers. It's been told to me, "If I think of the worst case scenario and it's better than that I'll feel better." Huh? OK, let me get this straight, so you spend a day or even days fretting and worrying over something that you have no control over, not sleeping, feeling horrible so that you might feel better when it's over? Sounds like a really bad idea to me.

Maybe I'm naive, but why should we worry about something we have absolutely no control over. Now, if it something we need to prepare for (example: a hurricane is coming and you need to board up the house), then I can understand a little worry. But worrying over what will happen the house after you leave is useless in my opinion. Does worrying cause the hurricane to spare your house any damage? No, so stop it and think positively and wait for the outcome.

Life is far too short to spend it worrying about things. This doesn't mean I don't care, I do. It just means that I have made the decision to embrace the good things in life, look at my half full glass and maintain my inner balance.

Am I way off base or do others feel the same way? Also, Kudos to anyone who get's the picture.


Anonymous said...

You are totally right however, some have a hard time not thinking of these things. Of course they ususally take it too far but for some it's a struggle and takes a lot of work to make your mind work in a more positive way. So be patient with those. It's doesn't come as easliy to some as it does to others. :)

Eric Vonk said...

Thank you Anonymous for putting me in my place. I look at the world positively and guess I expect others to do the same. I can't really understand why they don't, but did not step back and apply my "people think differently" principle and came across a bit high minded.

I hope others can be more positive, but have to be patient and accepting. Thank you again.

Liberality said...

reality is not always so positive :~)
but how you deal with reality is a choice and it is probably better for oneself if that choice is positive.

thanks for the blog comment btw!

Eric Vonk said...

Liberality, Thanks for the comment. Absolutely! I feel I have so much more control over my situation if I approach things with a positive attitude. I leave my rose colored glasses aside and am a realist, but look forward and my attitude and approach can alter the outcome.