13 June 2009

Failure Is Not An Option

Thursday, I posted a great quote from Tom Hopkins. Tom is a sales coach, so you can image a quote like this coming from him related to sales.

But this quote can apply to life. Life is a series of failures. I fail at something everyday. Anyone who says they don't isn't true to themselves. I define "true" failure as any goal you set for yourself that you give up one. But failure can occur on the path to success. Sometimes, failures are benign. Other times, the consequences have a larger impact.

Let me give you some examples. One of my personal goals is to turn off lights whenever I leave a room, so save energy. Sometimes, I forget. This is a failure and I continue to work on it. A failure with a bigger impact is when I promise something to my daughters and don't follow through on it. Then there are those that have a huge impact. No need to elaborate on those.

I don't judge myself by failures, I judge myself by the way I handle those failures. Do I get down on myself? Do I blame others? Or do I assess the failure, learn from it, dust myself off and try to succeed again?

If I don't achieve my goal, I have not failed, I just haven't succeeded yet. Failure is not an option.

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