03 June 2009

The illusion of time

Have you noticed that you can control time? OK, before you write me off as officially losing my mind, hear me out.

Now everyone notices that when they are having a good time, time seems to move much more quickly than when we're not having a good time. Why does a minute with your hand sitting in luke-warm water seem so much faster than when you put your hand in ice cold water?

The reason is that time is concept in our minds. Time has always existed (or at least since the big bang). But how we perceive time is how we control it. Now, we can't bend time like a sci-fi movie. But we can alter our perception of it. We can take a boring meeting and focus our attention on something that holds our interest and make the meeting go by faster. Watch people, their reactions, how they say things. This would make things go faster and might bring you some insight.

The same is true when your having a good time and time seems to go too fast. But this is much harder to do and you may not want to do anything because, hey you're having a good time.

I realize I am jumping around, but my final point is, take a close look at how you perceive time. Once it's gone, you don't get it back. Are you making the most of it, are you using it wisely?

Final note: very interesting list '20 Things You Didn't Know About... Time' from Discover magazine.

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