15 July 2009


After listening to Philip Zimbardo's talk yesterday on how our happiness and success are rooted the way we view time, I took a long look at how I look at time. I realized that my perspective of time is out of balance, which in turn is affecting my own success and happiness.

I have begun to look at things and think about what is the best way to handle it: look to the past and take action based on that, look at the present and take action to get immediate satisfaction or results, or look to the future, look at the risk of action now versus last or no action, what addition benefit would I get by waiting or changing course now.

Now, this is not to say that I have become a calculated automaton. I am human and act based on emotions and feelings, but I have tried to add a bit of thought into it and more importantly, to be more self-reflective than before so that I can build up a 'library of results' to use as a template for future decisions.

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