11 July 2009

Even More Things That Drive Me Nuts

It's been awhile since I ranted about things that drive me nuts. This doesn't mean the list done. People have the infinite capacity to do thing that annoy others. I'm pretty level-headed and accepting, but there are still things that get me going. Feel free to reply with the things that drive you nuts. Here we go.
1. People who water more of their driveway than their lawn. Don't you know that Southern California is in the middle of a water shortage?
2. When a television station plays the same commercial during every commercial break and will sometime show it twice during a single break. This is why I DVR shows (sorry advertisers).
3. When you ask someone a question, they give you long-winded answer but never really answer the question. Bonus if they get annoyed with you for pointing that out to them.
4. Warning Parental Rant: Parents who give their three year soda. There is nothing good in it for them and only things that can hurt them. Do you really want that much sugar and caffeine in your toddler? I actually saw a woman pour a can of coke into a kid's sippy cup for him. Sigh.
5. People who take up two parking spots. If you don't want you car near another cars because you are afraid of getting scratch or ding, park at the end of the lot and walk.

OK, I will go meditate, find my center and reconnect with my inner peace.

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