11 March 2008

Losing Touch

The saying goes "The world is getting smaller". If that's so, why is it so easy to completely lose touch with friends and family?

I have tried to keep in touch and lost, found, lost again, found again old friends and family. It actually hurts when I realized I did not do enough to maintain these connections. I don't blame other for not keeping in touch with me since all relationships are bi-directional.

These relationships are a part of me, so I will also use this blog to try an maintain that contact, and have also made it a personal priority to keep in contact. Life happens and will get in the way of the best intentions, but I think my new system (using Todoist.com) to keep track of this will help.

Zen Habits is one of my favorite blogs and reading Leo's posts presents a great inspiration to me to pick myself back up, dust myself off and keep going.

So, to all those I have lost, I will find you again. You are my friends and family and that means quite a lot, so you are worth my effort to keep you in my life.

I hope you will see that too and look for these lost connections. We are humans and we need to be connected to something bigger than ourselves. What can bigger and more important that being a friend and family member. Before I turn this post into a flower strewn love-fest, I will sign off and keep you updated on how my re-connecting pan out.

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genegener said...

We'll always have Monday morning coffee at 5am! I seem to recall your spiel about the non-existence of multi-tasking, and it's true. I was thinking of this today and blocked all tasks but one and actually got something done. All hail uni-tasking!