13 March 2008

What a Day!

OK, I had a horrible day today. Horrible because I was dealing with the fallout of a situation that I could not initially control. This did not affect only me, but affected many of my colleagues. It was frustrating because a lot of extra work was done by many people at a time when they were extremely busy to begin with.

OK, now that it is off my chest, I want to share my thoughts after the dust is clearing. I did not stay in my zone. I let the situation get to me and allowed myself to get frustrated and even frazzled (is that a word?). Notice I did not say the situation got me frustrated because things do not cause you to behave a certain way or have certain feelings, you choose them.

Well, I chose them and now realized I should not have done that. I came home and got my wife and girls to bed and sat down to meditation on it. I needed only 2 minutes of quiet to realize that I allowed the situation to get to me (hindsight is great, huh?).

I think if I had taken these two minutes in the middle of the situation, I would have come to the same conclusion and adjusted my mental outlook. Well it's in the past and I have learned another lesson - that's growth, right?

I will think about the tools or processes I can use to prevent myself from doing that in the future. I'll keep you posted.

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