08 March 2008

The start of the journey

I've tried to start a blog in the past (twice). Both times I failed for two reasons (1) no clear purpose or direction and (2) lack of follow through to keep it going.

So how is this time different? Well, I have a purpose: To document my thoughts, feelings, adventures and mistakes. I want to share with others and hope they will share with me. Also, I have put in a process to keep me on track. So let's begin.....


Kyp Durron said...

Hey man, I've been in your boat many times. This is like my 3rd go around with my blog. I hope to keep it going and hey have a good one. I book marked ya, I'll try and check it out daily. Hopefully we can help each other blog. :)


Eric Vonk said...

Kyp, Thanks for the encouragement. I will need it. I've got your blog marked. Thanks.