03 February 2009

Joy, Pain, Sunshine, Rain

What does this have to with Striving for Excellence? Quite a lot, actually. What are the two things that motive you (or anyone) to do anything. Joy and Pain. Carrot and Stick.

Think about this. When you do something, it is either to avoid pain or have pleasure. I will eat that piece of chocolate cake because it tastes so good. - PLEASURE. I will not eat that piece of chocolate cake because I will feel guilty cheating on my diet - PAIN.

At first you may say, 'What! You're reducing us to the level of Pavlov's dog? We can't be conditioned like that." Sorry, yes you can and companies pay Marketers billions of dollars a year to just that. "Drink this and you'll be happy" "Wear this perfume and you'll be sexy" They cater to our basic level. Pleasure and Pain.

Ok, now that you know this. Use it to your advantage. Take the thing you know you need to do, but are avoiding because of some pain and turn it on it head. Reframe it so that the outcome is pleasure.

I need to get the garage cleaned out, but it'll take all day! - PAIN stops you. Reframed: I need to get the garage cleaned out so that I park my car inside again. - PLEASURE.

By you reframing the issue, you control the outcome. You control you. Don't let someone else do it.

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