25 February 2009

Karma's a bitch

I believe in Karma. I have seen it come to life so often, I cannot ignore it. Karma is the law of moral causation and is fundamental to Buddhism. It's a key tenet of my personal philosophy. Simply, do good and good will happen to you. Do bad, and bad will happen to you. Maybe not right away, maybe not this week, but it will.

This includes thoughts as well as actions. Many people think they can think bad thoughts, but if they don't act on them, then it's ok. Nope, nice try. Bad thoughts will still create a negative energy, too.

That is why I try to live by a philosophy of do good, think good. Not only to avoid karma coming back and smacking me upside the head, but it's actually a hell of a lot easier to be good and think good thoughts than bad. Try it, you'll see. Being bad is exhausting.

So all those who do bad, watch out, the Karma Police will find you and you will pay the price.

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