08 March 2009

No more drama, please

Read a great post over on the Stress Blog. Great because it had something important to say and great because it was short and to the point.

"Don't turn an event into an incident.
Don't turn an incident into a drama.
Don't turn a drama into a crisis.
Don't turn a crisis into a catastrophy.
Don't turn a catastrophy into a cataclysm.
And definetly, definetly NEVER turn a cataclysm into an apocalypse!"

I like to think of myself as pretty even keeled. I've had people ask me why I'm not upset about something. I tell them, "Is there anything that would be accomplished if I got upset?" Almost every time, the answer is No. But they still think I should. I look at it this way, "I can solve the issue, take care of the crisis or avert the catastrophe by remaining calm. Yes, I may be upset, but to let it bubble up and cloud my judgment makes no sense to me.

Don't become emotionless, have emotion, but control them, don't them them control you. You usually regret it.

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