31 March 2009

Why me?

Just read a great article about falling into the trap of self pity. It said when you ask "why me" you allow yourself to be forced into a corner, the "why me" corner. There is a much bigger picture to look at than just that corner. It is easy to understand how we allow ourselves to get stuck in the corner. In many ways it is a natural reaction. That is all that "why me" is, a reaction. Instead of reacting to life, slow down, and take a look at the entire picture.

So instead of allowing yourself to be pushed into that corner, pull back and witness your life. See the entire picture.
- What choices and actions did I take that may have contributed to my current situation?
-What lessons can I learn?
-What choices and actions can I take from here that will lead me to a better place?

Don't wallow. Don't look for someone to blame. Don't look to someone to pull you out or rescue you.

It's your choice, so make it. You are never left without a choice. Step back, look at the big picture, make your choice and go forward. You may fail, pick yourself up, step back, look at the big picture, make your choice... See a pattern?

Remember, as I Ching put it, "The event is not important, but the response to the event is everything."

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Lindsay said...

You're right, taking a swim in the pity pool will get you nowhere fast. There's no reason to waste time pointing fingers at every one else b/c you can't change 'every one' else, you can only change yourself.