28 April 2009

Baseball mirrors life

I love baseball. Everything about it. The ballpark, the sound of the ball off the bat, the cheering crowd, the numbers and the strategy. It mirror life: There are the highs - a towering home run and lows - striking out with bases loaded.

I was watching the Cardinals - Braves game last night (Go Cards!) and looked at the strategy that two of the winningest managers in baseball history employ and made me think about how baseball is like life.

Baseball: Do you leave a pitcher in to try and get the last out of the inning or bring in a reliever.
Life: Do you stick with a plan and gut through it or change plans?

Baseball: Do you take the risk of putting in a defensive replacement and take out a hot bat?
Life: Do you switch to a more secure option or stay with the what got you there.

Baseball: Do you study the runner on first and see he takes his time going back to bag after each pitch and do a quick snap throw to first to nab him?
Life: Do you study the situation and see an there is someone not doing a job well, step in and take that opportunity away from them?

I could go on. I know you may not see things the way I do or don't like baseball. But look at things around you and see how connected they are to you. From the way the rain cleans the landscape to the way traffic moves on a busy interestion. You can take these and find parallels to your life. Look inward and see what you are really made of.

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Les Mac said...

Very interesting concept. I use to be a big baseball fan..until that strike. Haven't really watched since then.