15 April 2009

More on stress

Stress continues to mount. I find myself reacting due to stress more than before.

This is what stress will do to you. Stopping and performing a self diagnostic of yourself and the situation is the first step. What is causing my stress? Is it under my control? Can it be avoided? Can it be approached? What is a better way to deal with it? Ask yourself a lot of questions. Write it down. I usually write it down and walk away for a bit then come back. When I write it down, it forces me to focus my attention on it and I can see the bigger picture of what it does to me.

I'm approaching it first physically. I am finding time to meditate. This relieves the burden on my body that stress creates. I slow my hear rate and breath. Calm my mind. Let the tension wash away. I feel this is key since the physical manifestations of stress will hinder the process of reducing or eliminating it.

Once I'm in that state I can look at the stress factors more clearly. After I am in this state, I find that many times what I originally saw as a huge issue, problem or situation, is not really that big. I can see the cause better and a solution more clearly.

I'm a work in progress.

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