14 April 2009

Slowly trying to slow down

Stress is everywhere. It hits you from the moment you wake up. Decisions must be made, tasks that must be completed, choices, actions, etc. Today's world keeps throwing things at us faster and faster. Last week I posted a video from TED by Carl Honore who talked about slowing down. I've tried to do this in my life and man, is it hard. How can I slow things down when people need things from me and I have to get stuff done.

I will keep trying because when I do slow down, I can feel the difference. Things come into focus and I can seem to grasp more of what's going on. Keeping this going is a bit harder, but it's a work in progress. I have too much stress in my life and I need to let it roll off me better and manage it rather than it manage me.

1 comment:

Les Mac said...

Amen brother. I use to be able to do that. Not let things get me rattled, now I can't, don't know why. Slowing down is a good idea