26 April 2009

The terrible habit of the Exaggeration

Ok, time for me to rant about a pet peeve: Exaggeration. Now I understand using exaggeration to get across an idea or feeling, such as "I'm freezing" or "It's a million degrees outside". But when someone uses this to excess, it just becomes and irratant in a conversation and quick becomes a conversation stopper for me.

I know someone that uses this all the time. It has become so common place with them that I really don't like conversations with them. Everything is more than it seems. In a series of conversations, they were burning up, so tired they can't think straight, it was the cutest thing in the world, they are the nicest person ever, don't like a certain food since it's the most disgusting thing in the world and didn't like a show since it was the worst show ever.

Now these kinds of statements make me want to say to them "Wow burning up! We need to get you to the hospital, that sounds painful. So tired you can't think straight? That must be why you don't make any sense." Yes, I can really be sarcastic, but I didn't say it. However, the conversation was quickly over, since I really didn't want to hear any more.

I wonder why people use exaggeration so much, or to exaggerate - Every time :)

Is it that they do not know how to explain something without it. Do they feel that when they talk like this, it impresses people? Well, let me tell you, that it does not. Think about what your saying, how you say it and how others interpret what you say. Do you exaggerate to much? Do you know someone that does?

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