11 April 2009

That Song in My Head

Ever had a song stuck in your head? Of course you have. I have one now. I keep humming it. Why hum? Well, it's in French and I don't speak French. So I had to think, why would I have a song stuck in my head when I don't even know the words?

Simple, music is a universal language. Music taps into something deep inside people. It brings together people of different ages, races, languages, tribes, genders, religions, etc. How many times have you listened to something and your mood changes.

Music is a part of me. I love to have music on all the time. Different music for different moods and needs. I don't put down anyone for the music they listen to. I may not like their music, but I look at it as a personal choice that is above reproach.

What do you do with your music? Is it just there, or does it mean more to you.

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