04 April 2009

Changing my perception

I've had a long month this week. Ever have one of the weeks that seems like it took forever to get to Friday night? It always amazed me how time can be manipulated by our perception. You know how this works. When you're having a great time, time flies by. When you just want something to finish, time just crawls by. It's all based on perception, since time move forward at the same speed.

Now, if how we view the situation affects how time progresses in our perception, can we change other aspects of our life just by changing our perception of things? I'm sure we can. I spoke about this in a post last year. But want to think about it in more detail.

Let's think of a few examples. You meet someone new, instead of unconsciously creating a perception of them, say to yourself, this a very nice person whom I'd like to meet. If you go into the greeting with this mental picture, it may change the entire conversation and introduction. Let's take this further. You have a meeting with several co-workers. You are not looking forward to the meeting and know the others aren't either. But there is a task or project that must be done. Instead of going into the meeting with the view 'OK, let's get through this'. Walk into the room and say in positive upbeat voice, 'OK, let's get to work on this so we can achieve our goals and make this a success.'. I'm sure some people will look at you and think, 'Yeah, right.' But, if you run the entire meeting with this attitude, the others will pick up on it and their perception of the task will change, in essence making the probability for the the project to be success go up.

Now, I'm not saying go through life in a Polyanna state. But small changes in your mental approach to things can create huge positive results.

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